Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do you have any information?

The following is an excerpt from an e-mail written to us by a cousin Debbie who is working on the Ola Lasson line.  If you have any information that could shed any light on the questions she posted in this e-mail, please respond to this blog entry.

"The Gualov, Kristianstad, Sweden parish records are missing for the span of time from Ola's father, Lasse Hakansson's birth in 1772 to the period of time of 1825 in Gualov. We found household records of Lasse Hakansson & Sissa Svensdotter in 1826, with only Pernilla & Gunnild still living at home. I realize the family tree shows the statistical details and the family connections, yet we are wanting to document such rather than just depending on family group sheets to make sure we are following the correct line." 

"So far, we have been unable to verify the connection that Lasse Hakansson & Sissa Svensdotter are the parents of Ola Lasson. Going backwards in Ola's timeline, he was in Everod, Malmohus, Sweden in 1834. The household records in 1834 show that he had come from Lyngby, Malmohus, Sweden or Munka-Ljungby, Kristianstad, Sweden prior to 1834. We are currently looking through both Lyngby and Ljungby records for the info. Even though Ljungby is a considerable distance from Lyngby and Everod, Ola may have decided to go to work there since his mother was born in Ljungby. At least from the 1830s until Ola's marriage in 1840, he was in an extremely transient state."

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